International Medieval Research 11

Love, Marriage, and Family Ties in the Later Middle AgesFront cover, IMR 11 - Click to enlarge
Edited by Isabel Davis, Miriam Müller, and Sarah Rees Jones

This volume addresses the current fashion for research on the family and domesticity in the past. It draws together work from various disciplines - historical, art-historical, and literary - with their very different source materials and from a broad geographical area, including asome countries - such as Croatia and Poland - which are not usually considered in standard textbooks on the medieval family. This volume considers the various affective relationships within and around the family and the manner in which those relationships are regulated and ritualized in more public arenas. Despite their disparate approaches and geographical spread, these essays share many thematic concerns; the ideologies which structured gender roles, inheritance rights, incest law and the ethics of domestic violence, for example, are all considered here. This collection originates from the Leeds IMC in 2001 when the special strand was entitled 'Domus and Familia' and attracted huge participation. This book aims to reflect that richness and variety whilst contributing to an expanding area of hisorical enquiry.

Articles in this volume include:

  • Introduction - Unfamiliar Families: Investigating Marriage and the Family in the Past, by Isabel Davis
  • The Properties of Marriage in Late Medieval Europe: Commercial Wealth and the Creation of Modern Marriage, by Martha Howell
  • Gender Roles and the Marriage Market in Fifteentth-Century England: Ideals and Practices, by Anna Dronzek
  • Incestuous Marriages: Formal Rules and Social Practice in the Southern Burgundian Netherlands, by Monique Vleeschouwers-Van Melkebeek
  • Pictures and Poems of Courtly Love and Bourgeois Marriage: Some Notes on the So-called Minnekästchen, by Jürgen Wurst
  • Preface to Section - Shifting Horizons of Expectation: The Late Medieval Family, by Sylvia Federico
  • 'We are broderen': Fraternal Bonds and Familial Loyalty within the Fifteenth-Century Romance of Generydes, by Matthew Howard
  • Brotherly Love and Brotherly Service: On the Relationship between Carlo and Leonardo Tocco, by Nada Zečević
  • Aspekte der Mutter und Tochter-Beziehung in der mittelhochdeutschen Epik: Beobachtungen zu den Trojanerromanen Konrads von Würzburg und Herbortz von Fritzlar und dem 'Willehalm' Wolframs von Eschenbach, by Maria Dorninger
  • Mélusine: Ideal Mother or Inimitable Monster?, by Tania Colwell
  • Women, Family, and Inheritance in Bologna during the Black Death, by Shona Kelly Wray
  • Godparenthood, Kinship, and Piety in Tenterden, England 1449 - 1537, by Rob Lutton
  • Preface to Section - Public and Private Lives in the Medieval Household, by Christopher Dyer
  • Vengeance Is Ours? The Involvement of Kin in the Settlement of 'Cases of Vengeance' in Later Medieval Holland, by P. C. M. Hoppenbrouwers
  • Keeping It in the Family? Domestic Violence in the Later Middle Ages: Examples from a Provençal Town (1340 - 1403), by Steven Bednarski
  • Not Just a Family Affair: Domestic Violence and the Ecclesiastical Courts in Late Medieval Poland, by Martha A. Brożyna
  • Conflict, Strife, and Cooperation: Aspects of the Late Medieval Family and Household, by Miriam Müller
  • 'Illicit Love' in Medieval Slavonian Cities, by Marija Karbić