International Medieval Research 2

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Dictionaries of Medieval Germanic Languages: A Survey of Current Lexicographical Projects
Edited by K.H. van Dalen-Oskam, K.A.C. Depuydt, W.J.J. Pijnenburg and T.H. Schoonheim

This second volume in the series International Medieval Research presents Forschungsberichte as well as papers on twelve current lexicographical projects on medieval Germanic languages. Each Forschungsbericht gives information about the dictionary (title, editors, institute, address), about the contents of the dictionary (type, subject/corpus, described period, described area, example of an entry), about the history of the project and planning (short history of the project, (planned) year of publication, form of publication), and details on lexicographical tools and methods (the hardware, the software). The papers were read at the first International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds (4-7 July 1994), in three sessions on Dictionaries of Medieval Languages (Projects, Historical Background, Scribes and Scholars). The volume contains valuable information not only for editors of existing lexicographical projects but also for editors of future projects. It will also give non-lexicographers a better insight into modern historical lexicography.

Articles in this volume include:

  • Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek. 1200-1300 (Dictionary of Early Middle Dutch: 1200-1300), by Willy Pijnenburg
  • CD-ROM Middelnederlands (Dictionary of Middle Dutch), by Dirk Geirnaert
  • Historisch Woordenboek der Nederlandse Rechtsaal. 14de-18de eeuw (Historical Dictionary of Dutch Legal Terminology: 14th-18th Century), by Christel Verhas
  • A Thesaurus of Old English, by Jane Roberts and Christian Kay
  • A Thesaurus of Middle English, by Jane Roberts and Louise Sylvester
  • Historical Thesaurus of English, by Christian Kay and Irené Wotherspoon
  • Dictionary of Old English, by Antonette diPaolo Healey
  • Middle English Dictionary, by Robert E. Lewis
  • Mittelhochdeutches Wörterbuch. 1050-1350 (middle High German Dictionary: 1050-1350), by Kurt Gärtner and Ralph Plate
  • Ordbog over det Norrøne Prosasprog (A Dictionary of Old Norse Prose), by Christopher Sanders
  • Gammalnorsk Ordboksverk (Dictionary of Old Norwegian c. 1200-1550), by Bjørk Eithun
  • Ordbok over Skriftspråket I Norge 1350-1550 (Dictionary of the Written Language in Norway 1350-1550, by Ȇrik Simensen
  • The Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek and the Computer, by Tanneke Schoonheim
  • The Importance of Legal History for Old Frisian Lexicography, by Oebele Vries
  • Encyclopedic Aspects of the Historical Dictionary and the Question of Context, by Jeffrey L. Singman
  • Identification of Veins and Arteries in Middle English Medical Literature, by James M. Girsch
  • The Lexicographer's Dilemma: Handling Mistranslations, Misconstruings and Paranomasia in Source-Texts, by Elizabeth S. Girsch
  • Lexicography and Philology, by Karina van Dalen-Oskam and Katrien Depuydt