International Medieval Research 3

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From Clermont to Jerusalem: The Crusades and Crusader Societies 1095-1500
Edited by Alan V. Murray

This collection of seventeen original essays offers new perspectives on the history and sources of the crusades from the Council of Clermont in 1095 to the late fifteenth century, and of the societies they established in Palestine, Greece, Cyprus and the Baltic.

The volume begins with a masterly survey of the concepts and strategies of the crusading movement. The historical case studies deal with the reigns of Baldwin I and Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, the role of castles in Greece and Cyprus, the military orders and crusade vows in England, and female warriors in the Baltic crusades. The essays on sources provide critical assessments and re-assessments of the narratives of the First and Fourth Crusades, introduce little known Arabic sources on the Muslim population of crusader Palestine, and analyse interpretations of the last days of the crusader kingdom in medieval theology and modern historiography. The volume concludes with a classified bibliography of the First Crusade, comprising over 400 texts, monographs and articles published up to 1997.

Articles in this volume include:

  • La Croisade: l'évolution des conceptions et des stratégies, by Jean Richard
  • The Use of the Anonymous Gesta Francorum in the Early Twelfth-Century Sources for the First Crusade, by John France
  • Preacher of the First Crusade? Robert of Arbrissel after the Council of Clermont, by J. M. B. Porter
  • Albert of Aachen Reappraised, by Susan Edgington
  • Albert of Aachen and the Crusade of 1101, by Alec Mulinder
  • Daimbert of Pisa, the Domus Godefridi and the Accession of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, by Alan V. Murray
  • Arabic Sources on Muslim Villagers under Frankish Rule, by Daniella Talmon-Heller
  • Baldwin the Leper as War Leader, by Bernard Hamilton
  • The Cyclical Views of History in Late Thirteenth-Century Acre, by Aryeh Grabois
  • Babylon and Jerusalem: The Fall of Acre 1291-1995, by Sylvia Schein
  • Sclavonia and Beyond: The Gate to a Different World in the Perception of Crusaders (c.1104 - c.1208), by Annetta Ilieva and Mitko Delev
  • Castles and Seigneurial Influence in Latin Greece, by Peter Lock
  • Fortifications and Internal Security in the Kingdom of Cyprus, 1191-1426, by Kristian Molin
  • The Military Orders and the Kings of England in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, by Helen Nicholson
  • Commutatuion of Crusade Vows: Some Examples from the English Midlands, by Michael R. Evans
  • "Nowhere was the Fragility of their Sex Apparent": Women Warriors in the Baltic Crusade Chronicles, by Rasa Mazeika
  • The Crusades in Leeds University Library's Genealogical History Roll, by Oliver Pickering
  • Bibliography of the First Crusade, by Alan V. Murray