International Medieval Research 4

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The Community, the Family and the Saint: Patterns of Power in Early Medieval Europe
Edited by Joyce Hill and Mary Swan

This collection of twenty-two original essays investigates the organising forces of social identity and power in early Medieval Europe. The essays take as their starting-points primary literary and historical texts, artefacts and archaeological evidence from a wide geographical area, ranging from the early Celtic world to the emerging city states of twelfth-century Italy.

The essays are arranged in four sections which reflect the nexus of power in this period: Community and Family, Saints, Power, and Death, Burial and Commemoration.

Articles in this volume include:

  • The Evolution of Alcuin's Concept of the Imperium christianum, by Mary Alberi
  • The Formation of the Scandinavian Parish, with some Remarks Regarding the English Impact on the Process, by Stefan Brink
  • Sense of Community and Civic Identity in the Italian Communes, by Edward Coleman
  • Landscape and Power: The Frangipani Family and their Clients in the Twelfth-Century Roman Forum, by Matthew Ellis
  • The Geuissae and Bede: On the Inovativeness of Bede's Concept of the Gens, by Harald Kleinschmidt
  • La Mutation Familiale: A Suitable Case for Caution, by Pauline Stafford
  • Gender Without Sexuality: Hrotsvitha's Imagining of a Chaste Female Community, by L. M. C. Weston
  • Pollution, Penance and Sanctity: Ekkehard's Life of Iso of St Gall, by Mayke de Jong
  • Saint Wilfrid: Tribal Bishop, Civic Bishop or Germanic Lord?, by David Pelteret
  • Miracles and Horizontal Mobility in the Early Middle Ages: Some Methodological Reflections, by Hedwig Röckelein
  • La pietas comme principe de gouvernement d'après le Poème sur Louis le Pieux d'Ermold le Noir, by Philippe Depreux
  • Why Should Bishops be Involved in Marital Affairs? Hincmar of Rheims on the Divorce of King Lothar II (855-869), by Karl Heidecker
  • Ut in omnibus honorificetur Deus: The Corsnæd Ordeal in Anglo-Saxon England, by Sarah Larratt Keefer
  • Crowds and Power in the Liber pontificalis ecclesiae Ravennatis, by Joaquín Martínez Pizarro
  • Magic and the Early Medieval World View, by Rob Meens
  • A Cure for a Sinner: Sickness and Healthcare in Medieval Southern Italy, by Patricia Skinner
  • Scandinavian Law in a Tenth-Century Rus'-Greek Commercial Treaty?, by Martina Stein-Wilkeshuis
  • Burial, Ritual and Merovingian Society, by Guy Halsall
  • The Early Medieval Inscription of Western Britain: Function and Sociology, by Mark Handley
  • Treasure Bequest: Death and Gift in the Early Middle Ages, by Dominic Janes
  • Vikings Deceased in England - Commemorated by Whom? Runic Memorials in Sweden, by Bertil Nilsson
  • On Broken Letters Scarce Remembered: Nash-Williams and the Early Christian Monuments of Wales, by Mark Redknap