International Medieval Research 6

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Negotiating Secular & Ecclesiastical Power
Edited by Henk Teunis, Andrew Wareham, Arnoud-Jan A. Bijsterveld

Traditional historiography generally stresses the opposition and contradiction between secular and ecclesiastical power. By contrast, this volume focuses upon the interdependence of secular and ecclesiastical power and on the ways both secular rulers, kings, counts and other lords, and ecclesiastical authorities and institutions continuously interacted, trying to affirm the relationship between them. This selection of a historiographical introduction plus nine case-studies from England, northern France and the Low Countries enables a subtle comparison of secular and ecclesiastical links and social interactions in a series of regional and local contexts during the Central Middle Ages. The volume demonstrates that this process of negotiation led to an affirmation of shared values and contributed to the creation of common social values in medieval Europe.

Articles in this volume include:

  • Negotiating Secular and Ecclesiastical Power in the Central Middle Ages: A Historiographical Introduction, by Henk Teunis
  • The Political Use of Piety in Episcopal and Comital Charters of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries, by Benoȋt-Michel Tock
  • The Crisis of Episcopal Authority in Guilbert of Nogent's Monodiae, by Trudy Lemmers
  • Relics as Tools of Power: The Eleventh-Century Inventio of St Bertin's Relics and the Assertion of Abbot Bovo's Authority, by Karine Ugé
  • Monastic Freedom vs. Episcopal and Aristocratic Power in the Twelfth Century: Context and Analysis of the De libertate Beccensis, by Julie Potter
  • Bishops as Contenders for Power in Late Anglo-Saxon England: The Bishopric of East Anglia and the Regional Aristocracy, by Christine Senecal
  • Two Models of Marriage: Kinship and the Social Order in England and Normandy, by Andrew Wareham
  • Forging Unity between Monks and Laity in Anglo-Norman England: The Fraternity of Ramsey Abbey, by Hirozaku Tsurushima
  • Parchment and Power in Abbey and Cathedral: Chartres, Sherborne and Vézelay, c. 1000 and 1175, by John O. Ward
  • Conflict and Compromise: The Premonstratensians of Ninove (Flanders) and the Laity in the Twelfth Century, by Arnoud-Jan A. Bijsterveld