Supporting Medieval Studies

The IMC Bursary Fund

Each year, the IMC receives a large number of applications for financial support. As part of our commitment to widening participation at the IMC, the IMC Bursary Fund was established. The IMC Bursary deadline is mid-October each year for the following year's IMC, and applications are made by filling in the online IMC Bursary Application Form. The Bursary Fund is available to delegates from Central and Eastern Europe, students, independent scholars, pensioners, and unwaged scholars. The bursaries awarded range in value and may cover all or part of the Registration and Programming Fee, accommodation, and meals.

For the International Medieval Congress 2017 a total amount of nearly £12,500 was awarded. 334 applications were received and 64 applicants were awarded bursaries ranging from £100 to £400. For this year’s Congress, bursaries were awarded to participants from Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

The Institute for Medieval Studies Endowment Fund

The Institute for Medieval Studies received a substantial bequest from a fellow medievalist which enabled us to establish the Leeds Medieval Studies Endowment Fund. Part of this fund will directly contribute to the IMC Bursary Fund and so assist medievalists in need of financial support to attend the Congress. If you would like to support either the Bursary Fund or the Leeds Medieval Studies Endowment Fund, please do so using the relevant section of the IMC registration form.

Even small contributions bring great impact and provide multiple benefits which may be larger than the original size of the donation suggests. For further information about leaving a legacy or other ways of making a donation to the International Medieval Congress and Leeds Medieval Studies, please email

Travel Bursaries from the Templar Heritage Trust - Military Orders, Cistercians, Crusades

We would like to thank the Templar Heritage Trust (THT) for offering three bursaries of £200 each to IMC delegates. THT operates as part of the Charities Aid Foundation and makes a number of grants each year in support of academic research and conservation of historic buildings. THT takes a particular interest in the literary, architectural, and cultural legacy of the medieval Knights Templar and their period in history.