Building your professional profile is a key part of success as a postgraduate researcher. You’ll need to develop new skills and networks to share and further your research.

You will be encouraged, challenged and supported throughout your time here, and the relationships you will create will continue as you progress through your career.

We understand the importance of meeting others in your field, both in advancing your research and your future career. You’ll be able to network with the academic community and industry experts at conferences and research events such as our doctoral college showcase. You’ll hear about the latest research in your specialism and have opportunities to present and share your own research findings.

Funding may be available from your school or faculty to ensure finance isn’t an obstacle to you attending conferences and events.

You’ll also have opportunities to publish your research and provoke academic debate. Your supervisor will help point you in the right direction and our research collaborations mean you are well placed to meet academic and industry experts. You could also work with industry on projects and placements, and with large-scale collaborative research partnerships, widening your professional network.

A global network of Leeds graduates

As a researcher at Leeds, you’ll be able to tap into one of the biggest alumni communities of any UK university. It’s a global network of more than 270,000 people in more than 190 countries.

Through the Leeds Network, our online career networking tool, you can make contact with alumni and benefit from practical careers advice and mentoring.

Developing commercial opportunities

The University’s commercialisation team supports the activities of more than 3,000 researchers, identifying, evaluating and developing commercial opportunities from research conducted at the University.