The University is divided into eight groups known as faculties. Each faculty is subdivided into schools, institutes and centres. Key contacts and web links for each are listed on the following pages. For individuals, see our A-Z staff listings

The new Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures was formed in August 2016. It brings together the breadth and strength represented by the nine dynamic and diverse schools listed below. A transition period is underway and information about our current activities is available on the Faculty of Arts website and the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications (PVAC) website

Executive Dean - Professor Frank Finlay

Deputy Dean - Professor Luke Windsor

Pro-Dean for Student Education - Dr Simon Baines

Deputy Pro-Dean for Student Education - Dr Melanie Prideaux

Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation - Professor Philip Mellor

Pro-Dean for International - Professor Manuel Barcia Paz

Leeds Humanities Research Institute - Professor Alison Fell and Deputy Director Professor Sita Popat

Graduate School* - Dr Robert Jones

Graduate School** - Dr Michael Spencer

*for schools of English, History, Languages Cultures and Societies, and Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
** for schools of Design, Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, Media and Communication, Music, Performance and Cultural Industries

Faculty office (3 Cavendish Road) - 0113 3432687

Faculty office (Clothworkers South) - 0113 3433731

Schools of study

Visit the Faculty of Biological Sciences website

Executive Dean of Faculty - Professor John Ladbury

Pro-Dean for Student Education - Dr Kenneth McDowall

Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation - Professor Brendan Davies

Faculty office - 0113 343 5647
Undergraduate Admissions Enquiries: +44(0) 113 343 3021
Undergraduate Office enquiries for current students: 0113 343 8236
Postgraduates see Graduate School contact page


Visit the Faculty of Engineering website

Executive Dean - Professor Peter Jimack

Pro-Dean for Student Education - Professor Martin Levesley

Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation - Professor Giles Davies

Pro-Dean for International - Dr Raul Fuentes

Director of Engineering Graduate School - Professor Richard Hall

Faculty Services enquiries - 0113 343 8461

School of Civil Engineering - Professor Muhammed Basheer

School of Computing - Professor David Duke

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering - Professor Robert Kelsall

School of Mechanical Engineering - Professor Harvey Thompson

School of Chemical and Process Engineering - Professor Elaine Martin

Multidisciplinary centres and institutes

Other centres and institutes

Biomedical and Health Research Centre

Visit the Faculty of Medicine and Health website

Executive Dean - Professor Paul Stewart

PA to Faculty Dean - 0113 343 3264

Deputy Dean of the Faculty - Professor Andrea Nelson

Pro-Dean for Student Education - Dr Mitch Waterman

Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation - Professor Pam Jones

Pro-Dean for International - Professor Linda McGowan

Centres and institutes