Before submitting a request 

Did you know that a wide range of information about the University of Leeds is already published? If you are considering submitting an FOI request, you may find it helpful to use the list of resources below. Some or all of the information may already be available online.

We also publish information as part of our Publication Scheme, which includes some of information listed above, plus our annual report and accounts, expense data, research we fund and details of our staff and structure. 

You can find information about previous FOI responses we have issued on our Disclosure Log, which is updated on a quarterly basis. 

If you still need to submit an FOI request, you can contact us:

Chloe Wilkins 
Secretariat, Level 11 E C Stoner Building
The University of Leeds
LEEDS LS2 9JT           


Information published on the University website is free to access in that format. This is subject to any copyright restrictions as noted on our legal issues and disclaimers page.