We have materials growth capability from the nano to macro-scale covering an enormous range of materials and systems, underpinned by extensive materials modelling.

Our facilities include:
  • a semiconductor and nanotechnology cleanroom - which supports sputtering for deposition of magnetic and superconducting metals, plasma-laser deposition of complex oxides such as piezo-electric materials (part-funded by the Royce Institute)
  • an electron-beam lithography facility, which is a regional, Class 1 JEOL 6300 facility providing sub-10-nm feature patterning. This is complemented by a range of processing equipment and capability
  • integrated synthetic biology facilities to support bionanotechnology, including instrumentation for protein expression and purification, cell culture, and biomolecular manipulation, and facilities to enable rapid microfluidics prototyping
  • cleanroom prototyping laboratories for glass cell processing. These laboratories can be used with liquid crystal-based and other soft-matter devices, such as polymers and biopolymers, glasses, composites, complex fluids, gels and networks, and colloids