Online teaching

You'll be taught in online classes by University of Leeds teaching staff and you’ll work individually and with others. Independent study is an important element of this course, allowing you to practise your skills and deepen your knowledge.

You'll interact with tutors and other students on the course in live sessions each week. You’ll also have dedicated time with your tutor to address questions you may have about your language and learning and you’ll get feedback about your work.  

This is a full-time course. Live online sessions normally take place between 9am and 5pm Coordinated Universal Time (+1) from Monday to Friday. 

You’ll receive full access and an induction to the Microsoft Office 365 suite which we use, including Class Notebook, Teams, Stream and Sharepoint. 

Example timetable 

This is for guidance only. You'll receive your timetable during the first week of your course.

Monday Independent study session Live session with tutor (10am UK time) Optional further study and language practice activities with the Language Zone (recommended), including: Conversation Club, Presenting with Confidence, Book Chat
Friday Consultation with your tutor

Independent study session 

You’ll prepare for each live session in your independent study time using an online worksheet and audio / video recordings from your teacher. You can work on these worksheets on your own or with your new classmates. 

Live sessions 

The live sessions take place on a video conference call with your teacher and classmates. The content of the live sessions is based on your previous independent study session, with opportunities for you to practise speaking and listening.  

Consultation with your tutor 

You'll have consultations with a tutor, normally your class teacher. Your tutor will monitor your progress with the independent study sessions and support you in your learning through live weekly one-to-one consultations.