We work to connect researchers and policy professionals in order to inform policy development at local, national and international level. 

To achieve this, we:

  • Support coordination of policy engagement across the whole University, and act as a point of connection for external policy professionals.
  • Support communication around policy engagement, promoting the policy engagement work at the University and sharing intelligence on opportunities.
  • Build connections and develop innovative collaborations with policy professionals through strategic policy initiatives, events and other activities.
  • Develop best practice and advance new approaches for research-policy engagement.
  • Support professional development of researchers and PhD research students to increase the number of researchers at Leeds able to effectively engage with policy professionals. 

Our policy briefs and blogs series provide policy professionals with the latest policy-relevant evidence and ideas drawn from our wide-ranging research. Policy Leeds will also look to support researchers and policy professionals build deeper and more innovative collaborations through our strategic policy initiatives, while our rapid response fund will support researchers to engage swiftly with policy opportunities as they arise.

We can also provide more individualised support to connect policy professionals to research expertise at the University, and researchers with policy opportunities. Please contact us if you’d like to get involved. 


Policy Leeds news and blogs

We can only get good infrastructure for a green future if we involve the public

Katy Roelich shares recent findings on ways to engage the public in meaningful discussions when planning future greener infrastructure.

Call for papers: place-based decarbonisation for transport conference

Abstracts and proposals for panels and sessions are invited for the online DecarboN8 International Conference.

New deep coal mine in the year the UK hosts COP26

The mine would reduce steelmaking emissions by <2% but sends out the wrong message in the year the UK hosts the climate conference.

Restricting food promotion: implementation challenges could limit policy success

Plans to restrict point-of-sale promotions of unhealthy food in England may not work as intended due to retailers having insufficient data.

The energy poor need to be included in energy transition planning: here’s how

Ensuring those without access to enough energy are not left behind in the rush towards a low-carbon energy future.

Optimising civic collaboration in Leeds

A collaboration between the University of Leeds and Leeds City Council is informing an action plan to enhance research-policy engagement.

Policy Leeds briefs

Boosting early years learning during COVID-19

Early childhood education and care boosted language and skills development during pandemic lockdown.

Tackling childhood food poverty in the UK

Reducing childhood poverty brings life-long benefits to health and wellbeing, with economic benefits to society.

Developing UK strategy for Nuclear Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

SMRs can play a role in UK decarbonisation, providing low-carbon electricity and heat.