Our community of researchers brings together excellence and innovation, pushing the frontiers of knowledge and discovery to shape a better future.

This involves creating, nurturing and promoting an environment in which people work together across disciplines and with partners to solve complex problems.

The result is truly transformational fundamental and challenge-led research that advances knowledge and creates solutions to local, national and global challenges.

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Spotlight on Africa

Lead found in rural drinking water supplies

Drinking water in parts of rural West Africa is being contaminated by lead-containing materials used in small community water systems.

New malaria transmission patterns emerge in Africa

An international study reveals how future climate change could affect malaria transmission in Africa over the next century.

Strengthening research ties with Africa

We will be part of a new Africa-UK research collaboration to identify ways Africa can produce enough food to feed its growing population.

Coronavirus research

Leeds chosen by WHO to help create global health strategy

We've partnered with the World Health Organisation to create a global strategy to protect populations against pandemic threats.

'Boost air quality in buildings to reduce respiratory infections'

Leading experts in the transmission of airborne pathogens are calling for tighter regulations to control air quality in buildings.

COVID-19 advice and support schemes for businesses

Nexus has compiled the latest information and resources to guide you through the advice and support schemes available related to COVID-19.

Register | COVID-19: Understanding the Research Behind the Pandemic

A free online course exploring the public’s critical role in delivering innovative research and the development of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Species invasions can teach us about COVID-19

Invasions by alien insect and animal species have much in common with outbreaks of diseases and can tell us lots about how pandemics spread.

Traditional markets key to COVID-19 recovery plan

Traditional retail markets in our town and cities could help with the nation’s social and economic recovery from COVID-19.

Phone app to support patients coping with long COVID

People with long COVID could be monitored with the aid of a ground-breaking mobile phone app and clinical website.

Research that changes the world

African rainforests can resist severe heat and drought

Intact African tropical rainforests were more resilient to extreme conditions during the last major El Niño event than expected.

T-rays could revolutionise cancer treatment

Researchers are studying whether a kinder form of radiation, known as T-rays, could be used to treat patients with cancer.

Royal Society Fellowship honours

Two prominent Leeds figures have been elected as Fellows of the prestigious Royal Society.

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Our environment allows interdisciplinary research to flourish, creating fresh ideas and approaches to problem solving. We conduct interdisciplinary and impact-orientated research to address challenges at regional, national and global levels. Below are some of the areas where we are working across disciplines to tackle global challenges.