The University of Leeds have allocated Institutional Strategic Support Funding (ISSF) to the following themes:

Early Career Researcher Fellowship Scheme (non-clinical/clinical)

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A major component of the ISSF-3 funding will support early career researchers in order to enable them to realise their potential and position themselves for competitive external Fellowship applications. We therefore seek applications from candidates at either the last stages of their PhD work or after one or two post-doctoral positions, dependent on the type of Fellowship envisioned. Applications are invited from any Faculty, but applicants should be working within the Wellcome Trust remit

The scheme is also open for clinical applicants who are either:

  1.  A clinical lecturer wishing to undertake full time research to develop an application for a Clinician scientist award or
  2. An individual in ST1-ST3 who wishes to undertake research to obtain a competitive PhD fellowship to be held at the University of Leeds and can demonstrate their commitment to an academic career. 

Discipline Hopping Fellowship Scheme

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A second component of the ISSF-3 funding will support discipline hopping activities. These can be for internal collaborations but we also welcome applications for travel and subsistence costs to support short term inter-institutional research visits to either academic or industrial laboratories to develop new research skills. We will encourage secondments out of academia, for example into industry or regulatory agencies. Discipline hopping can be valuable at any stage in a researcher’s career and we will therefore open this scheme to all, from PhD students to established investigators.     

The above awards will cover both salary costs and a contribution towards consumables, aligned to the needs of the proposed work.  Applicants should complete the appropriate application form by Monday 31 July 2017. The ISSF Management Committee will then triage the applications and invite shortlisted candidates for interview on Tuesday September 19 2017. Please ensure that you will be available to attend for interview on this date. The interview will consist of a short (5 minute) presentation by the candidate followed by questions from the panel, which will comprise a subset of the Management Committee representing the breadth of academic interests within the ISSF portfolio.

Return to Work Fellowship Scheme

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Many researchers need to take extended periods of leave for a variety of reasons. In addition to maternity, paternity or adoption leave, these may involve personal circumstances such as caring for children or relatives, injury, illness or bereavement. In addition researchers may need to spend time away from the University, either in other academic institutions (UK or overseas) or in industry. We welcome applications for funding to support a return to work, for example providing funding for short-term technical assistance or buy-out of teaching duties, purchase of consumables / facilities access, help with costs or logistics of conference attendance or training courses (new skills or refresher training). There will be no deadlines for these applications which will be considered on an ad hoc basis.

Applications would not normally be expected to exceed £10,000.

Public and Patient Engagement funding

ISSF funding will support and complement existing activities to achieve the aims and objectives of the University's PPE strategic plan. Details of two specific opportunities for funding that are available now are outlined below:

Museum University Public Engagement Partnership

Do you want to reach and engage a wider audience with your research?  Do you want training from experts in the museum sector who do this on a daily basis? Do you want to develop an activity based around your research area? Then the following opportunity may be for you.

A scheme has been developed to allow researchers to engage with public audiences by either

  1. gaining experience in working with the public
  2. developing and delivering dissemination activities to support researchers work or
  3. recruiting an audience to allow co-design and production of a research project

For more information visit: MUPEP Information

Funding for consultation or involvement of members of the public or patients: Deadline for this call is 5 September 2017

These awards are for researchers at the University of Leeds who require funding to support patient and/or public involvement/engagement at the research design stage. The awards can be used to fund the involvement of members of the public (eg interested members of the public, patients, carers, service users and other stakeholders) in shaping or developing research ideas. The awards are generally used to fund two distinct types of project:

  1. An event/meeting (or series of smaller meetings) to inform a particular research grant application.
  2. The awards can also be used to establish an ongoing PPIE panel/group in a specific research area, where the need for such a group has been identified. It is advantageous to outline how the ongoing support for such a group will be met.
Please read the event planning guidance and complete the form and forward the completed form to the before 5pm on the deadline date.