Our community of researchers brings together excellence and innovation, pushing the frontiers of knowledge and discovery to shape a better future.

This involves creating, nurturing and promoting an environment in which people work together across disciplines and with partners to solve complex problems.

The result is truly transformational fundamental and challenge-led research that advances knowledge and creates solutions to local, national and global challenges.

Spotlight on coronavirus

Learning lessons from lockdown school closures

Schools are being urged to support a study to help determine the effect of the national lockdown on children’s learning.

Research to understand COVID-19 spread on public transport

A major study has been launched to understand the risks of COVID-19 transmission on buses & trains and to identify measures to control it.

Covid-19 advice and support schemes for businesses

Nexus has compiled the latest information and resources to guide you through the advice and support schemes available related to COVID-19.

Spotlight on social sciences

Language teachers' lives in global lockdown: voices from around the world

Understanding how the covid-19 pandemic affected educators' lives as they strived to support children, young people and adults in isolation.

‘Amor Secuestrado’: using the telenovela to confront kidnapping in Mexico

A school project is collaborating with filmmakers in Mexico to break taboos about and combat kidnapping.

Unlawful restrictions on the rights of disabled children with autism

A report has been published into discrimination against autistic children.

Race, nation and disaffection in “ordinary” towns and cities after Brexit

A major project will examine the implications of Brexit on race relations, new migrations and Northerners’ sense of place and belonging.

Changing the game: commercialisation of football in Eastern Africa

A project funded by the FIFA Research Scholarship investigates the dynamics of the commercialisation of football in Eastern Africa.

Transforming data into key insights, driving a smarter future for urban life

Cities generate an enormous amount of data, which is used by modellers and data scientists to create solutions to modern challenges.

Research that changes the world

Global food production poses an increasing climate threat

Rising nitrous oxide emissions are jeopardizing climate goals and the Paris Accord, according to a new international study.

Prestigious Fellowship award for leading academic

One of the leading figures at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) has been made a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Cancers detected early thanks to pioneering trial

A lung cancer trial aiming to detect disease in higher risk patients before they show symptoms has caught dozens of cases early.

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