Antri Constantinou

Talking about
Being an Erasmus and postgraduate student at Leeds

I studied in the School of Linguistics and Phonetics as an exchange student during the academic year 2014/15. Now, I am back in Leeds studying my Masters in TESOL Studies.

I chose to come back to Leeds mainly because I spent a year as an Erasmus student. This was a valuable experience for me since I got the chance to get to know the English culture more, practice the English language, and take advantage of the opportunities and resources provided by the University, not to mention the high ranking of the university!

One of my favourite aspects of campus are the pop-up fashion bazaars in the Union, but also the fact that you can grab a drink and some food in the Old Bar right on the university campus. I also love the Edge Gym which is fully equipped and offers so many classes. I have attended several very enjoyable Zumba classes.

My favourite spot in Leeds city centre is the rooftop of Angelica because of its fantastic view of the city. I also love the Trinity Shopping Centre: Leeds is one of the best shopping destinations in the UK. My favourite place to eat is definitely Red Hot World Buffet since it offers a great variety of cuisines.

During my time in the UK, I have taken the opportunity to visit other cities around the country. I have visited York many times, which is a fairy tale-like, picturesque city. I have also been to Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Manchester and Southampton. I also plan to travel to Amsterdam very soon.

Leeds has become a second home for me since I have spent so much time here. Being in this city has shaped my personality in many different ways, for example I have learned to be more confident and responsible for myself as well as for others since I am now a course rep for my Masters programme.

As an Erasmus and a postgraduate student here, I have met people from different backgrounds, I have learnt to respect different ways of thinking, and learnt to see life from different perspectives.