Josephine Shannon

Talking about
Studying abroad at Leeds

I chose Leeds as a study abroad destination because its business school is highly acclaimed, as well as its international study abroad programme. I also chose Leeds as it is centrally located in the UK where I could easily fly to Europe or travel throughout the UK.  

I studied in Leeds in Semester 1 2018 and studied four modules as part of my Business Management degree. My modules include Strategic Human Resource Management, People Analytics, Contemporary Industrial Relations, and Management, Work and Organisations. My favourite module while on exchange was definitely Strategic Human Resource Management as it is my business degree major and the module coordinators were easily approachable and so knowledgeable.

I was impressed by the youthful energy and cultural spirit on campus. I had never seen such a lively, energetic university union with so many activities, clubs, sports and support networks for students. My favourite place on campus was definitely the “Eddy B” library, whether it be for a study session with friends or exam crackdown in the silent study zone, it was an amazing location on campus. I also enjoyed using my gym membership at The Edge Fitness studio and Cromer Terrace as well as attending many classes which I would not normally try at home. I found myself loving body pump, yoga, and Pilates.

I also joined the Gryphon newspaper society and wrote many articles for the publication which I enjoyed a lot. The societies were very social and I loved the Tennis society as it helped me to improve my tennis skills, as well as enjoying some very fun nights out at Bierkeller, warehouse, and even a secret social to Newcastle. I also stayed on campus at Devonshire Hall where I made so many lifelong friends from all over the globe. 'Dev' definitely holds a place in my heart as my home in the UK where I made so many incredible memories and learnt so much about myself.

Hyde Park was so close to my residence hall, Devonshire, so we would often go down there when it was sunny and it was amazing on Guy Fawkes night to see everyone in the park. I spent a lot of time either on campus at the Eddy B library, in my flat at Dev, or in the city shopping at Trinity or my favourite luxury shopping destination, Victoria Quarter. My favourite place to eat was LS6 for brunch or the Hyde Park Pub for a few drinks in the afternoon. Kirkstall Abbey is a must-see in Leeds as it is a beautiful Cathedral steeped in so much history, having been established in 1152.

I visited London three times while in Leeds, as well as the beautiful Roman city of Bath, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle. I also made day trips to York which was the cutest English town, just a stone’s throw from Leeds, and to Newcastle which was beautiful as well. I also travelled to Europe while on Exchange to Copenhagen (the Tivoli was absolutely freezing but the Christmas theme was magical) and to Lisbon which had also been on my bucket list for a while.

I am now in my second last year of my dual degree at the University of Queensland and studying abroad has definitely inspired me to think more globally about future job prospects and where I would like to live/travel next. I am excited for the future and definitely plan to go back to my ‘home away from home’ in Leeds someday soon.

Going on exchange to Leeds was definitely a huge leap outside of my comfort zone but it was one of the most rewarding life experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend it enough and encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take part in such a life changing endeavour to definitely grasp it with both hands!