Kyle Norton

Talking about
Studying abroad at Leeds

I had a myriad of options to choose from when deciding on my study abroad experience, but only Leeds seemed to offer a combination of a world class education, highly ranked student union, affordable cost of living, and small-city feel with big-city options, in addition to some of the most polite people in the UK – and the world! Needless to say, it was a no brainer.

My favourite module was Sexuality, Stigma, and Subculture. There were so many interesting conversations, the instructor was phenomenal, and getting to hear perspectives on these topics from citizens from around the world, it made for an eye-opening learning experience.

My favourite aspect of life on campus was the support and sense of pride of the student body itself.  My favourite place is the Parkinson steps – an iconic spot and a super easy location to meet up with mates.

Unfortunately, I was too busy exploring Leeds, the UK, and other parts of Eastern Europe to get too involved with clubs or societies, but the options were there if I wanted to take advantage of them! I also thought that Clarence Dock was a nifty place to visit. Old history with the Royal Armouries but also new modern flare with the new flats, restaurants, and shops.

During my time as a study abroad student, I took the opportunity to visit several cities and countries, including but not limited to: Liverpool, London, Dublin, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Currently I work in the law industry as the Strategic Practice Manager for a Practice Group that handles sexual and gender-based misconduct that occurs primarily at educational institutions – I’m sure you can see the link between my career and my favourite course at Leeds! I am confident that my experiences at Leeds opened up my mind to entertaining different ways of how to think about and accept societal differences from the viewpoint of my new found professors and mates from around the world.

I have taken this profound experience and applied it to virtually all aspects of my life, from my relationships, personal decision-making and of course, specifically, my career.