Sharni Folland

Talking about
Studying abroad at Leeds
Queensland University of Technology

Many years ago I was told by an old friend that Leeds was the place to be. He was right. That was what stuck in my head as I researched universities that were partnered with my school for exchange. There isn’t a place quite like Yorkshire anywhere else. It’s a place where you will be called ‘love’ 100 times a day, where nature and the city are within a ten minute walk of each other and strangers will always point you in the right direction.

The University campus, specifically the union, is spectacular. My home university does not have one fifth of the societies and events that Leeds offers. If you come to Leeds you will discover that Fruity Fridays are always a good decision, which is the multi-venue club in the union. I went to roughly 20 ‘give-it-a-gos’, because I suppose that is what you’re supposed to do. I ended up joining three out of the hundreds of societies I could have chosen. I tried to fit five into my schedule but that wouldn’t work. Celtic Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Snowriders were my choices and they without a doubt made my time at Leeds. Even if it’s just one, make sure you sign up to a society and attend the socials, you won’t regret it. Snowboarding in Tignes will forever be one of my fondest memories.

In regards to modules, I can’t recommend Creative Writing at the Lifelong Learning Centre enough; my tutors were fantastic. I’ve yet to hear of another university offering a unit like ‘Writing Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror’. Yes, it was as cool and fun as it sounds. The units I took developed me into a better writer and had real world application. Not only can I confidently tackle three genres, but I also know how to submit my work to publishers in England.

I stayed in Charles Morris Hall, Storm Jameson East. My entire floor was all internationals, not many people can say they’ve live with people from eight different countries. Going on exchange gives you something invaluable, and that is interacting with different cultures, and making lifelong friends from all over the world. If you’re on the fence about the University of Leeds, take my advice and apply. I have been at home in Australia for six months now and I wake up every day itching to get back to England, and hopefully I will return shortly.