Fadiah Maghrbi

MA Arabic–English Translation

What I like about Leeds is that it’s quite compact and everything is just a few minutes away. I really appreciate being able to walk everywhere – to the University, into the city centre, to my accommodation. At home in Saudi Arabia, I live in a bigger city, with busy streets and buildings all around. I like the parks and green spaces around Leeds. They help you relax.

People in Leeds are very friendly and welcoming too. It’s a student-oriented city and it feels like home. 

I love the yoga and Zumba classes at the Edge (the University’s sports centre). There are classes at lots of different times, so I can easily fit them around my studies and work.

There’s so much to do around the city too. I wanted to learn guitar, so I found Leeds College of Music and started guitar classes; I wanted to take cooking classes, so I found a cookery school and now I can make steak at home! I’ve taken a coffee-making workshop and tried a salsa class. Whatever it is you’re interested in, just look online and you’ll find it. My friends are always amazed I know about so many things. 

I have a translating job, which I found through the students’ union’s Joblink website. Getting practical experience in the UK, alongside my studies, is great. My job is in Ilkley, a small town on the edge of Leeds, so it also means I’ve seen a bit of green English countryside too!

I love the easy access to the rest of the UK because Leeds is more or less in the middle. I’ve visited Manchester, Liverpool and London.

My course is great and it’s really important to me that I do well, but this year isn’t only about studying. I really want to learn and explore, as this enriches the experience of being here. It’s all these little things that make the whole experience amazing.