Postgraduate pre-sessional English  Six and 10 week summer courses

Preparation and arrival

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English language certificates

We accept a range of English language certificates. Check which qualifications we accept, and find out equivalencies for other certificates.

Masters applicants

If you'll be studying a taught postgraduate degree, our postgraduate summer pre-sessional course is tailored to your subject area, so you'll learn academic English that specifically prepares you for your degree. 

Course content in summer (June – September) is developed by teaching staff from the Language Centre and from your academic department. These courses can help if you don't meet the English language requirement for your degree, or if you want to gain a better understanding of using academic language in your subject area before your degree starts. You can see the list of our tailored pre-sessional courses at the end of this page.

Research applicants 

If you'll be studying a research degree, you'll have the opportunity to study with others also preparing for a research degree, using material from your own research interests. You'll learn how to use academic English that specifically prepares you for research using material from your degree subject area.

Summer pre-sessional English courses

Online pre-sessional

Find out more about studying a pre-sessional online.

Select a pre-sessional course from the following list to read more about the course, including entry requirements, start dates and how to apply. 

Please note: information about deadlines and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will be available soon.

Pre-sessional English for your Masters course

Pre-sessional English for your research degree