Denise Adiwianto

Padjadjaran University

Studying abroad in Leeds was a truly once in a lifetime experience. I made lots of new friends who came from all over the world. Leeds is a perfect place to study and visit with lots of museums, galleries, and food places to explore.

The modules were very interesting and the teachers were very helpful and encouraging. I studied Electronic Music and also Entrepreneurship and Society. One of my favourite field trips was visiting Valley Wood Music Studio in North Leeds. We met a music producer who is also a musician and he shared his experiences in recording music. I also got a chance to do a short recording using a classic Welmar grand piano.

In my free time, I usually went out to explore local cafes and pubs with friends. Or I went to visit cities outside of Leeds. Leeds International Summer School offered us lots of fun things including social events and excursions. My favourite trip was to York. York is a beautiful city that has rich cultural British heritage and so many historical buildings.

From my time abroad, I learned a lot about self-independence, time management skills, and how to work effectively in multicultural teams. Studying abroad gave me a new perspective on life and other cultures around me. Applying for LISS was one of the best decisions I’ve made. For anyone who wants to have an amazing summer, I strongly recommend LISS! The British weather is so unpredictable, so make sure to bring your umbrella and waterproof jacket wherever you go!