Janella Arciaga

University of Santo Tomas

One minute, I was at home scrolling through my laptop trying to figure out what I could do this summer. The next thing I knew, my dream to study abroad finally became a reality. Out of all the other universities that were laid out in front of me, never did I regret choosing the LISS programme at the University of Leeds. It may sound a bit cliché but this was, by far, the best decision I have ever made in my life.

My professors from ‘Path to Justice: Criminal Law and Legal Skills’ and ‘Conflict Analysis in International Politics: Causes, Negotiation and Resolution’ were nothing but outstanding. From the lectures to the field trips, I have no regrets at all for choosing these modules. They reminded me why I chose to pursue my career path and brought back the spark of passion in me for justice and politics. The professors put in so much effort to make learning unique and fun that they make studying seem less of a requirement and more of an adventure.

The same goes for the amazing social assistants whose patience and kindness never faltered throughout my time here. They are very approachable and will always find a way to help any student in need of guidance to the best of their abilities.

One of my favourite social events was the Ice Breakers, where I met my first friends. At the Farewell Event, no matter how sad the goodbyes were, this was one of those days that made me feel lucky and blessed to have such friends, who will always have a piece of my heart.

I fell in love with the city and the university but most of all I fell in love with the world. To anyone who has even a tiny thought about applying, I would say take the opportunity and pursue it – it will change your life! This journey has brought out the best version of myself, one I never knew I had inside me. I hope that every student studying abroad would experience the same.

I am beyond grateful for choosing the University of Leeds to spend my first time studying abroad and I wouldn't have spent my summer any other way.