Jason Darsono

National University of Singapore

I had always been aiming to go to a summer school in the UK and Leeds International Summer School (LISS) was just one of the many summer school programmes available out there.

Out of all the summer programmes that I had looked into, LISS was the only programme that offered an exciting array of modules and a series of well-desired excursions. I applied for it and I’m glad that I did, otherwise I would have regretted missing such a wonderful opportunity.

The modules I decided to take were Robotics and Smartphone Applications. Unlike many universities, the lessons provided were very hands-on and experiential. I enjoyed my time constructing simple robots, soldering circuit boards and developing simple applications. I believe that these are worthwhile experiences which you do not usually get elsewhere.

Supplementing our summer experience, LISS arranged a number of excursions to several breathtaking destinations in England. Some of the places that I went to include York, where I visited the famous York Minster, Whitby, where I got to try a classic meal of fish and chips, and London, the capital city of England.

Outside of what was arranged by LISS, I had the chance to travel to several parts of the UK in my free time. I travelled to Edinburgh, Glasgow and the Lake District by train. Due to it being strategically located in the middle of the United Kingdom, Leeds enables you to easily travel to many parts of the UK, which is another great thing about Leeds.

On top of the trips, the one thing that I enjoyed the most was the interaction with my international friends living in the same flat. We would often cook and have dinner together in the kitchen and just share our stories. It was really exciting to get to know a lot of people from across the globe, from China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, America, Australia and many more.

LISS was definitely one of the best summers I have ever had. For those of you wanting an awesome summer experience, you are at the right page. A word of advice though: get a water/windproof jacket, it will come in handy, and if you are planning to travel a lot, get a railcard.