Jenny Liu

University of Toronto Mississauga

Hiya! Before anything, let me whisper one small secret: I think LISS is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Reason #1 is that Leeds is an absolutely gorgeous city to live in for a month! It has amazing historic buildings combined with modern artefacts. You’ll find different kinds of art throughout the city to help invoke that little philosopher inside you. I love how everything is within walking distance as it meant that I didn’t have to use the bus once!

Reason #2 is the people I’ve met. I wouldn’t trade my experiences with these people for anything. Every LISS student and member of staff is friendly and enthusiastic. We’re all here to make new friends and create some life-lasting memories. In addition, I’ve met a few local students at Leeds who helped me to experience what life is really like being a student here.

Reason #3 is the LISS programme itself. The academic modules are actually interesting. I chose Introduction to Robotics and Autonomous System, in addition to Heretics, Witches and Conspirators. My major back home isn’t even related to them at all and this makes it the best part! I had the chance to enroll in a completely different learning experience, which is pretty cool.

Reason #4 is that I can easily find ten more reasons if I wanted to.