Jatin Ahluwalia

Talking about
Young Manager Programme 2000

Studying at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) is one of the top highlights of my career. It was a lateral move for me to undertake a management program and therefore had to be a crucial decision. I took a break while working at Ericsson to pursue this program at LUBS and to be honest was a bit nervous.

Everyone told me to opt for a London-based university so that I could expand my professional network besides partying after work. As the luck would have it, I stuck to my decision and landed up in Leeds. It proved to be a very wise decision in the end.

LUBS is an amazing place to grow professionally and is extremely enriching. I gained tremendously through my rich interactions with the faculty. Our days were very well balanced with academics and meeting with the industry leaders. Everything is so well planned that it enhances student’s living experience at the campus.

I was amazed with the tasty Indian food at the LUBS cafeteria. Leeds is a vibrant city. The life around the University campus is full of excitements. Wednesday to Saturday evenings are full of several party options and Leeds city centre is just a stone’s throw away from the campus.

The stint at LUBS proved extremely beneficial for me not just from professional growth but I made friends for life. Leeds has emerged as one of the key destinations for internet and IT businesses and offers great professional opportunities. Now as an entrepreneur, I am evaluating Leeds as a potential city to open our UK office.

I highly recommend the University of Leeds for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students as the preferred choice to pursue an academic interest and start their association with Leeds.