Abdul B. Shaikh

Dr Abdul B Shaikh, Deputy Programme Manager, Arabic Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies

Email: A.B.Shaikh@leeds.ac.uk

Areas of expertise 

  • Medieval Jewish, Christian and Islamic theologies and philosophy
  • Islamic Studies
  • Qur'anic Studies
  • Middle Eastern History
  • Islamic History and Civilization
  • Radical Islamist movements

My role

I support the Programme Manager for Arabic, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies with all aspects of curriculum development, learning and teaching, student support and recruitment to the Cert HE. I teach a range of modules relating to the cultures, religions and history of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the Islamic world.

Research interests

My research interests focus on all areas connected to Middle Eastern Studies, Islamic Studies, and comparative religion, with a focus on the Abrahamic faiths.

My current research focuses on investigating how followers of the Abrahamic traditions have been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic.


Shaikh, A.B. (2017) Unity, Prophecy and Eschatology in the Abrahamic Traditions Noor Publications, Dusseldorf.

Shaikh, A.B. (2011) ‘Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in the Abrahamic Faiths’, Lincom Europa Munchen Germany ISBN 9783862880966. LINCOM Cultural Studies 06. 302pp. 

Unpublished works

Shaikh, A.B. (2011) Medieval and Modern Concepts of Creation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam with reference to the tenets of faith, PhD Thesis University of Leeds

Book contributions 

Contributed to Hill, D.J and Whistler D (2013) The Right to Wear Religious Symbols, Palgrave Macmillan


Shaikh A.B. Science and Religion at the Crossroads: Conflict and Conciliation. In Journal of Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science, volume 1, issue 9, (University of IASI, Romania), July 2011, pp.43-61. 

Raja, I.A, Shaikh, A.B. (2021) British Muslims and the Rise of Ethnic Media in the Digital Age. A Case Study of 5Pillars. In Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research (forthcoming). 

Chapters in books 

Raja, I.A, Shaikh, A.B. (2019) Digitalised Ethnic Press and the Representations of British Muslims in the Wake of the 7/7 Bombings: The Case Study of Passion Islam in Yu, S and Matsaganis, M. (eds) Ethnic Media in the Digital Age. Abingdon, Routledge, Part 1, Chapter 5, pp.57-65. 

Al-Otaibi, N, Cohen, I, Dowson, R, Raja, I, Shaikh, A.B. (2020) Religious Festivals in the Age of “Lockdown” and “Social Distancing”: A Comparative Study of Easter, Passover, Rama Navami, Vaisakhi and Eid,  (forthcoming). 

Shaikh, A.B. (2021) Experiencing Ramadhan in a Covid19 World (forthcoming). 

Dowson, R, Raja.I., Shaikh, A.B. (2021) The Coronavirus Tragedy: The Relevance of Religious Teachings in Times of Covid-19 Crisis. A Christian and Islamic Perspective (forthcoming) 


  • BA Arabic and Islamic Studies 
  • MA Islamic Studies 
  • PhD Abrahamic Religions  

Professional memberships 

Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA) 

Student education 

  • LLLC 0177 Academic Development through the Study of the Abrahamic Faiths 
  • LLLC 1367 Introduction to Islam 
  • LLLC 1373 Islamic History and Civilisation 
  • LLLC 1398 Key Texts in Middle Eastern Religions 

Social media profile 

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