Mainstreaming Global Mental Health

Monday 15 November 2021
12:00pm - 2:30pm
Online event
Lectures and seminars
General public

Join us for this international knowledge exchange event hosted by the GCRF Challenge Cluster seed-funded project, Mainstreaming Global Mental Health.

  • Take part in our ‘match-making’ opportunity to forge new collaborations
  • Learn about ‘on the ground’ delivery of Global Mental Health impact using innovative practices in LMIC
  • Learn where there are opportunities to embed Global Mental Health impact in research across the range of Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Trigger a step-change in how the research community thinks about where, how and by whom mental health in LMIC can be impacted.

Hear from partners and experts in the field:

  • Poornima Bhola
  • Brian Brown
  • Erminia Colucci
  • Paul Cooke
  • Karina Croucher
  • Adrian Evans
  • Sangeeta Goswami
  • Rebecca Graber
  • Una Higgins
  • Siobhan Hugh-Jones
  • Anna Madill
  • Raghu Raghavan
  • Netalie Shloim
  • Diana Setiyawati
  • Yao Zhao

Interpretation available: English/Spanish

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