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The MTC Reception is open Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 6:00PM. If the office door is locked, then use the phone to the right hand side and give us a call on 34916. You will need to let the phone ring until it goes through to the office mobile phone.

If you have any queries about audio and video production then please get in touch with us on the email below.

Email us:
Call us: 0113 34 34337
Write to us: Medical Teaching Centre
8.15 Reception
Level 8 Worsley Building
Leeds University

Staff List

Jon Stothard
Buildings Manager
0113 34 31676
Tracy Wilson
Teaching Space Manager
0113 34 34917
Phil Faulks
Teaching Space Technician
0113 34 34916
Joe Kanuritch
Timetable Officer
0113 34 30580
Daniel Myers
Teaching Space Assistant, Dental Lecture Theatre Technician
0113 34 34918
Marcus Lee
AV Technician
0113 34 34369
Tatiana Buckley
Teaching Space Assistant
0113 34 34337

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