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We no longer support the VHS machines which are in the rooms - therefore they are not guaranteed to work. If you have old VHS tapes you wish to use in teaching then we can convert them to digital format for you to use on the computers or your laptop. Adverts can be removed and specific sections can be converted.

There are certain copyright restrictions in place regarding what we can and cannot copy so please get in touch to find out if we are able to assist.

In order to make sure that you have your teaching material available please ensure we receive your material in good time. One or two tapes can be turned around in a day, whereas four or five full length tapes may take up to a week to be ready for pickup.

Videos are provided in a .mov and .mp4 formats which will play in the Windows Media Player available on all of the University computers. If you are having problems at home, we recommend using the popular (and free) VLC Player.

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