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Projector Control Box

Projector Control Box

The projector control box is very easy to use. Instead of fiddling with the projector itself, simply press the appropriate button on the wall mounted panel near the computer.

If the projector is off when you come to use it, simply press the "Display On" button. The volume control underneath it will have an effect on the speakers, but it is not a fine control - you might have to turn it a few times before a difference is heard.

In the event the projector is on, but not displaying anything first check that the "PC" input is selected, and that the computer is turned on and awake. Move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer up from sleep.

If you need help, press the "Helpdesk" button on the Intercom found in all teaching rooms. This will send a technician to help. In the event that the office is empty, use any Leeds University phone to call 34916 to reach the technician's mobile, or 0113 343 4916 from any other phone.

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