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Djedi robot expedition reports findings

Djedi robot expedition reports findings

Pictures from inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, gathered by a robot explorer designed by University of Leeds engineers, together with Scoutek, UK and Dassult Systí¨mes, France, have been published.

The findings appear in the latest issue of the Annales du Service Des Antiquities de l'Egypte (ASAE), the official publication of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities. The reported findings have also been picked up by New Scientist.

The pictures have revealed painted hieroglyphs beyond a narrow tunnel and lines that may have been made by stonemasons. The 4500-year-old markings, seen on video images gathered by the Djedi robot expedition, may give clues to how this part of the pyramid was built.

Djedi is a joint international-Egyptian mission that is being carried out under the supervision of Dr Zahi Hawass, Minister for Antiquities in the Egyptian government. Other key team members include Shaun Whitehead (Scoutek Ltd, UK), TC Ng (Independent researcher, Hong Kong), Robert Richardson (University of Leeds, UK), Andrew Pickering (University of Leeds, UK), Stephen Rhodes (University of Manchester, UK), Ron Grieve (Tekron, Canada), Adrian Hildred (Independent researcher, UK), Mehdi Tayoubi (Dassault Systí¨mes, France) and Richard Breitner (Dassault Systí¨mes, France).

The team has committed to completing the work by the end of 2011. Full results of the work will be published in due course. The next report is expected to be issued in early 2012 after completion of the work.

For further information:

Selected images of the findings are available on request from University of Leeds press office: Tel 0113 343 4031, email

For more information about Dassault Systí¨mes, please contact Arnaud Malherbe (EMEA), +33 (1) 61 62 87 73,

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Image credit: Don Cochrane

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