Mi Wang, Professor of Process Tomography and Sensing

Prof Mi. Wang

Inaugural lecture - 'The Art of Inner Vision'

Over the past few decades new imaging technologies for process monitoring and medical diagnosis have seen remarkable development. The boundaries of what we may consider to be ‘conventional knowledge’ have been expanding continuously, redefining both what we can measure and how.

Process Tomography, or CAT Scanning (Computer Aidded Tomography), as a generic, non-intrusive visualisation tool, offers new opportunities for full 3-D interrogation in both medical diagnosis and industrial process monitoring. This and other new imaging technologies are far more effective than our eyes for visualising the complex internal structure and fluid dynamics previously inaccessible due to a combination of the opaque nature of surrounding materials, the presence of hazardous materials, inaccessibility and, in many cases the need to be none invasive.

In his lecture Mi will address the historical background, development of the science and technology, and highlight his new imaging approaches for multiphase-flow measurement and particle characterization for industry and early medical diagnosis of, for example, breast cancer and so making us transparent - the art of inner vision.

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Presentation of the Inaugural Lecture