ON Line Instrumentation Laboratory

Welcome to the On-Line Instrumentation Laboratory

The Research Group of Professor Mi Wang,
Institute of Particle Science & Engineering (IPSE),
School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering (SPEME)

The current research interests of the group are in developments of Process tomography including instrumentation, algorithm and sensors; Colloid vibration potential imaging based on energy conversion and spectrum analysis due to colloidal vibration and Applications of these new technologies for multidimensional visualisation and characterisation of multiphase fluids and flows in research and engineering. As the nature of the research, the group has a multi-disciplinary background in Physics, Electronics, Biochemistry, Colloidal, Chemical and Flow Engineering.

The objectives of the group is to ‘open up new dimensions’ - enabling engineers to visualise materials and their physical and chemical states in dynamic process environment, in a new way offering enormous promise for the improvement of the engineering science which underpins many important industrial processes.