ON Line Instrumentation Laboratory

Mr. Qiang Wang



  Research Student

From: Xinjiang, China

E: pmqw@leeds.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)113 343 2358


Research Area:

Process tomography has become a key technology in the overall future vision of multiphase fluids reaction and flow inside process reactors and pipeline in 4-dimesnional (4D) (e.g. in spatial and temporal coordinates). Modern technology has enabled the image acquisition rate up to more than 1000 fps (frame per second). However, the speciality and capability of current data handling technique are far less the engineering demands for the fast and massive data flow at a rate of few millions measurements per second and in an order of MBs for a data set. At another aspect, it is also a crucial issue to effectively extract most of useful information from such a huge data. The objectives of the study are to develop a visualization platform and methods for tomographic 4D global fluids flow data fusion.


Academic/Professional Background:

Bachelor degree: Applied Chemistry

Master degree: Applied Computing

Professional activities: Senior software engineer in IBM China for 4 years.

Research Field:

Multiphase flow measurement and instrumentation, Electrical impedance tomography

Professor Mi Wang (IPSE, University of Leeds, UK)

Gym, football, travel.