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Dr. Yousef Faraj



  Research Fellow

+44 (0113) 3432358
Email: y.faraj@leeds.ac.uk


Research Area:

Slurry flow and its behaviour have a great importance in many industrial applications, from pharmaceutical to dredging industry, where its application involves transportation of a large amount of solid materials in different sizes and shapes.  Normally in horizontal and inclined pipelines, the flow is influenced by gravity, which gives rise to different flow regimes. These flow regimes clearly influence some parameters of the system, such as pressure drop, system stability and momentum exchange rates, thus affecting the whole measurement scheme. The occurrence of these flow regimes introduces an important challenge for slurry flow measurement, whereby slurry flow suffers from flow measurement discontinuity, as a result the current technology to measure and visualise slurry flow is very limited. Therefore, the prediction and on-line recognition of these flow regimes is of great importance.

As very limited work has been conducted on inclined slurry flows through pipelines and in many cases pipe inclination is unavoidable, particularly long distance commodity pipelines, due to topographic features of its course. Therefore, this research project intends to focus on settling slurry flow through inclined and horizontal pipelines, where Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) is proposed to measure the slurry flow and predict the prevailing flow regime, based on the advantages that ERT offers as well as presenting the real life image of the flow inside the pipe. It is well expected that the study can provide new knowledge on inclined Slurry pipeline flow and basic knowledge for further research on slurry metering. 

Academic/Professional Background:

Graduated in Chemical Engineering/BEng from the University of Tikrit/Iraq. He has experienced applications of Chemical Engineering in a number of industries, such as Oil and Gas in Beiji Refinery in Iraq, Bazyan Salt Project in Iraq and Durafourd Diamond Industry in Switzerland/Lausanne. He then returned to further Chemical Engineering education and awarded MSc (Engineering) by the University of Leeds. Immediately after that he was awarded a full EPSRC fund to study PhD in the same university, SPEME/IPSE, where he is now working on development of future technology in two/multiphase flow measurement and application of process tomography.

Research Field:

Two/Multiphase Pipeline Flow Systems, Process Tomography.

Professor Mi Wang (IPSE, University of Leeds, UK)

Hobbies/Interests: Learning foreign languages and exploring other cultures. Play chess, car race, listening to classical music.