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Advanced Imaging & Measurement for Multiphase Flows

Case 1. Two-phase mass flow measurement

A new method of two-phase mass flow measurement was reported, which were obtained from a high performance dual-plane electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system assisted by a commercial electromagnetic flowmeter and a differential pressure transmitter to obtain the velocity of the continuous phase, i.e. the water phase, and to provide an average mixture density as a reference for the volume fraction measurement with EIT, respectively (Figure 1). In the study, the uncertainty of the disperse phase distributions was evidently matched with a theoretical model (Figure 2, 3).

CVP imaging
Figure 1:The construction of the new two-phase mass flowmeter [1].


CVP imaging CVP imaging

Figure 2: Typical tomographic concentration profiles in the bubble flow were proved with a theoretical model (Malnes, D., Institutt for Atomenergi, Kjeller Research Establishment, Kjeller, Norway, May 1966.) [1].


CVP imaging CVP imaging


Figure 3: Air local concentration profiles under different water flow rates (left: Qa = 5 SLPM, right: 10 SLPM) [1].

Author Information: Mi Wang, Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Email:

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