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Advanced Imaging & Measurement for Multiphase Flows

Case 3. Boolean logic method for flow regime recognition

The flow regime not only characterises the flow conditions, it also determines the type of flow meter and measurement model that is used. In order to develop a flow meter for the accurate measurement of multiphase flows it is of the utmost importance to correctly identify the flow pattern present to enable the selection of the optimal method for metering. This present study proposes a Boolean logic method for recognition of the prevalent flow regime using only a fraction of image data (Figure 7) thus rendering the analysis more efficient. Application of the Boolean logic scheme enables a quantitative comparison of the flow patterns thus reducing the subjectivity in the identification of the prevalent flow regime (Figure 8, 9).

CVP imaging
Figure 7: 21 Cell Zone Scheme with 5 key cells [3].


CVP imaging  

Figure 8: Output of the Inverse Exclusive OR Operator for bubble flow [3].


CVP imaging

Figure 9: Output of the Inverse Exclusive OR Operator for plug flow [3].

Author Information:Mi Wang, Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Email:

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