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Colloid Vibration Potential Imaging

Advanced Imaging & Measurement for Multiphase Flows – Three new cases

Multiphase flows occur in many operations in the chemical, petroleum and power generation industries, which cover both multi-component and multiphase. Due to the correlation of the multiphase and independency of each phase, the correctly measuring of multiphase flow, in terms of concentration, local velocity and mass flow rate, are extremely challenging tasks. Electrical resistance tomography has been used for visualisation of the concentration and velocity profiles and characterisation of fluid dynamics in two-phase systems that have impedance contract between the main fluid and the second phase fluid or component clusters.

Case 1. Two-phase mass flow measurement
Case 2. Periodical flows
Case 3. Boolean logic method for flow regime recognition

Author Information: Mi Wang, Institute of Particle Science and Engineering, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering, Email:

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