Industrial Process Tomography - Platform II grant funded by EPSRC


Fig.4 z8000 Fast EIT tomograph


Fig.5 m3000 ECT set up

Knowledge Transfer

We endeavour to act on moving the knowledge and ideas, including patent, license and know-how gained through our research to the potential users of that knowledge within a wide range of industrial disciplines.

By utilising a range of activities including the Engineering and Physical Science Research Councils’ (EPSRC) Follow-on Fund that supports ‘proof-of-concept’ type work and the University’s Knowledge Transfer Strategy (KTS), researchers are encouraged and rewarded for excellence in innovation and for developing their ideas further down the route to exploitation.

This approach places us in a much stronger position to secure further support from venture capital or seed funds from industries to carry out development and feasibility activities towards new Knowledge Transfer (KT) collaborative projects.

EIT facility
Fig.1 Knowledge Transfer from the University of Leeds and University of Manchester into Industrial Tomography Systems Ltd.

EIT facility
Fig.2. EIT system and sensors commercialised by Industrial Tomography Systems Ltd.

Fig.3 ITS P2+ Systems (one plane on the top and 8 plane at the left and 4 planes at the right). (Provided by ITS)