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Approach to reviews and restructures

Approach to Reviews and Restructures


The University has agreed with the Unions a revised policy on organisational change which ensures that, when any significant organisational change might be considered, the staff concerned are fully engaged, the trade unions are consulted meaningfully and the Senate itself is appropriately involved.

Under the Organisational Change Policy, a review may be initiated when there are concerns about the financial or academic sustainability of a particular unit, or when there is a need to redefine academic or service strategy and priorities in the light of changing circumstances, or when there is a need to reorganise activities in order to ensure the efficient and effective deployment of resources. The initiation of a review neither implies nor assumes the need for compulsory redundancies.

The timescale for each review will be agreed on a case by case basis, progressing as quickly as is possible, consistent with the principles of staff engagement and trade union consultation.


Current Reviews



Guidance on Review Stages

The approach is based upon the adoption of clear stages which will provide clarity to enable for effective planning, delivery and monitoring at each of the stages.

Stage 1: Initiation (identification of need for review)

Stage 2: Review

Stage 3: Restructure

Stage 4: Post-restructure review

Stage 5: Establishment of a redundancy committee



Last updated: 22.6.2016 (CLLC)