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Approach to reviews and restructures

Stage 1: Initiation - identification of need for review


The proposal for a formal review of a particular unit may arise in a variety of ways, often through the Integrated Planning Exercise (IPE) and normally on the recommendation of the University Executive Group (UEG).

The reasons for initiating a review may include – but are not confined to – concerns about the financial or academic sustainability of a particular unit. Reviews may also be initiated when it is judged that that there is a need to redefine academic (or service) strategy and priorities in the light of changing circumstances and/or that there is a need to reorganise activities in order to ensure the efficient and effective deployment of resources. Stage one is intended to clarify the objectives and context for the review, the terms of reference, the structure for managing and delivering the review and an indicative timescale.

Stage 1 Process flow diagram

Stage 1 Work plan




Last updated: 22.6.2016 (CLLC)