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Approach to reviews and restructures

Stage 3: Restructure


Following approval of the academic strategy and agreement of the financial plan, this stage involves detailed consideration of the staffing implications and the development of a new structure to underpin its delivery.

This may entail a reduction in staffing levels, although any necessary reduction will be effected in the first instance through a combination of natural turnover and redeployment (in accordance with the University’s Redeployment Policy). Voluntary redundancy terms (if appropriate) will be made available to staff (after discussion at UEG and with ESRG). Staff will be aligned (as far as possible) to newly identified roles via a job matching and selection process. Throughout the process, the trades unions will be kept apprised (via ESRG) of progress and regular updates will be provided to staff.

Stage 3 Process Flow Diagram

Stage 3 Work Plan


Last updated: 22.6.2016 (CLLC)