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Approach to reviews and restructures

Stage 5: Establishment of a redundancy committee


The Agreement on Employment Security and Redundancy Avoidance provides a framework for promoting employment security and avoiding, wherever possible, compulsory redundancies.

In situations where the University wishes to pursue reductions in staffing, every effort will have been made to achieve this through natural wastage, redeployment, voluntary reductions or changes in working hours, flexibility in work organisation and staff deployment, early retirement and voluntary redundancy (section 2.1/2.3 Agreement on Employment Security and Redundancy Avoidance). This stage will therefore only be required in the event that the Council determines that compulsory redundancies are needed after Stage 4, at which point it will establish a Redundancy Committee to effect those redundancies in accordance with statutory obligations. In parallel, the University will continue to do what it can to seek alternative solutions.


Last updated: 22.6.2016 (CLLC)