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Air Travel

Leeds is well-served by these airports:

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)
Manchester Airport (MAN)

LBA is a rather small airport, so you may not find a reasonable schedule or price to this airport. The Manchester Airport, however, has direct flights from many cities in Europe and North America. There is a direct train from Manchester airport to the Leeds city centre, which takes about 80 minutes. University is only 20 minute walk from the centre, or a £4-£5 cab ride. You can also book your flight to any of the London airports and take a train/bus to Leeds. Depending on your mode of transportation, it may take about an hour to get from a London airport to London city centre, where you can take train/bus. It takes about 2.5 hours from London city centre to Leeds by train.

Advance rail travel can be booked through any of the main UK rail company websites. Start on the National Rail website to find times, routes and ticket prices.

Tickets can also be purchased at ticket counters immediately prior to travel (without discounts). For those unfamiliar with UK rail services, buying a ticket on the train is possible, but you will usually pay a lot more than the return ticket prices available at the ticket counter. Some stations (including Leeds) have ticket barriers which make boarding a train without a ticket difficult anyway.


The workshop will be held in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds: Google Map and campus overview . The University is in the city centre, with restaurants, shops, hotels and the train station all in easy walking distance.

With the exception of the tutorial session, all other talks will be held in Agilent Lecture Theatre, ELEC ENG Building, Rm 1.52. The tutorial talk will be held in the Rhodes Lecture Theatre on the ground floor of ELEC ENG Building. Registration, receptions, and poster session will be held in the foyer area of ELEC ENG Building (ground floor).


Hotels near the University of Leeds

There are a lot of hotels and B&Bs in the city centre or near the university. If you wish to stay on campus you can book a room in the newly built hotel-style accommodation from the site below:

University Accommodation

They have rooms on offer from £40 a night.

If you are booking your accommodation via any of the popular web sites, please note that the university post code is LS2 9JT. If you are looking for more of an economy option, here is a list of hotels and B&Bs near the university. To telephone from abroad, replace the first 0 by +44 when dialling from most countries.
Economy accommodation very close to the campus
  • Avalon Guest House, 132 Woodsley Road, LS2 9LZ. 0113 243 2545, fax 215 8033.
  • Fairbairn House (university-owned, but may no longer be available), 71-75 Clarendon Road, LS2 9PL. 0113 343 6633, fax 343 6914.
  • Glengarth Hotel, 162, Woodsley Road, LS2 9LZ. 0113 245 7940, fax 216 8033.
  • Hanover Court Hotel, 16 Hanover Square, LS3 1AP. 0113 295 7381 or 07713 244 279.
  • Manxdene Hotel, 154, Woodsley Road LS2 9LX. 0113 243 2586.
  • Moorlea Hotel, 146, Woodsley Road LS2 9LZ. 0113 243 2653, fax 246 5393.
  • Nordic Hotel, 18, Kelso Road, LS2 9PR. 0113 245 2357.
Slightly more expensive (10 minute walk)
  • Cliff Lawn Hotel, Cliff Road, LS6 2ET. 0113 278 5442 (fax is the same).
  • Rosehurst (university guest house, may no longer be available), 8 Grosvenor Road, LS6 2DZ. 0113 275 1265.
Economy accommodation in Headingley (20 minute walk or a short bus ride)
  • Aintree Hotel, 38, Cardigan Road, LS6 3AG. 0113 275 8290.
  • Boundary Hotel, 42, Cardigan Road, LS6 3AG. 0113 275 7700.
  • Broomhurst Hotel, 12, Chapel Lane, LS6 3BC. 0113 278 6836, fax 230 7099.
  • Budapest Hotel, 14, Cardigan Road, LS6 3AG. 0113 275 6637.
  • Manor Hotel, 32/34 Cardigan Road, LS6 3AY. 0113 275 8847.
  • Oak Villa Hotel, 57, Cardigan Road, LS6 1DW. 0113 275 8439 (fax is the same).
  • St Michael's Towers, St Michael's Villas, LS6 3BW. 0113 275 6039.
This page will be updated with more information as we go along.