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Telephone: 0113 34 + Extension (below)

General Contact Numbers
Application enquiries School Contact Information  
Admissions (offer letter enquiries) Ext 35057
Registration Ext 35057
Progress (suspensions and transfers) Ext 35571
Thesis submissions and examinations Ext 34003
Postgraduate Scholarships Ext 34007
Admissions & Registration
Ben Dyer Senior Clerk Ext 34002
Christina Brennan Senior Clerk Ext 35057
Katherine Goodchild Admissions Officer Ext 34006
Leanne Carr Student Records Officer Ext 35055
Progress and Monitoring
Progress (suspensions and upgrades) Ext 35571
Francesca Miles Senior Clerk Ext 35571
Thesis Submission and Examination
Thesis submission and examination queries Ext 34003
Catherine Mills Administrative Officer Ext 37970
Bryony Wilson Senior Clerk Ext 34003
Ewa Stefaniak-Keith Senior Clerk Ext 34003
Postgraduate Scholarships (Taught Masters and Research)
Postgraduate Scholarship queries Ext 34007
Caroline Neave Senior Administrative Officer Ext 34894
Shirley Yeadon Administrative Officer Ext 34973
Alice Franks Senior Clerk Ext 34007
Erika Smith Senior Clerk Ext 34077
Graduate Board and Groups (e.g. Policy, Quality Assurance, Academic Appeals and Communications)
Christina Robinson Senior Administrator/Co-ordinator Ext 34001
Sarah Throp Senior Administrative Officer Ext 35778
Jo Nassor Administrative Officer Ext 35778