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Academic appeals

Through the Academic Appeals Procedure, we aim to investigate and resolve appeals — effectively, fairly and transparently — against academic decisions made by the University.  The procedure is used when concerns are expressed in relation to any of the following areas:

    • the decision to terminate study or require a student to withdraw from their candidature/or for postgraduate researchers the decision to recommend transfer to MPhil candidature;
    • the outcome of an examination, assessment, or placement;
    • the decision not to award a degree/or for postgraduate researchers the decision to refer your research degree submission;
    • the award, or for taught students the class, of the degree receive.

Students considering making an appeal are encouraged, in the first instance, to approach a member of staff in the relevant School. If you remain dissatisfied with the local response, you should put your appeal in writing to the Head of Student Cases, Rebecca Dearden.

Complaints about academic provision and appeals against disciplinary decisions are covered by separate procedures — details of these processes are available on the Student Cases team webpage.
If you wish to make an appeal, please use the Appeal Form.

Please also read the Coronovirus Continuity Arrangements Guidance on Appeals – Summer 2020.


Further procedural advice in these areas can be obtained from the Student Cases team:


The Student Cases Team
The Secretariat
11.68, Level 11, E C Stoner Building, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT


Last updated: 6.7.2020 (CLLC)