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Please note that due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, members of the Secretariat are working from home. As such, please use e-mail as your main mode of contact. If you have sent anything via the post please ensure that a copy is also sent to the recipient by e-mail otherwise there may be a delay in responding to your matter.


Please address correspondence to The Secretariat, University of Leeds, E C Stoner Building 11.72, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK.

If telephoning from outside the University campus, please dial 0113 34 and then the relevant extension below.


David Wardle (Deputy Secretary): 34452;
David heads the Secretariat. He has particular responsibility for risk management; business continuity; critical incident management (incorporating student deaths and other crises); and delivery of the University's responsibilities under the Prevent duty. He services a number of key bodies, including Strategy and Investment Committee. David also acts as the University's Complaints Officer (for students) and as its principal contact with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education.

David is supported by a management team which comprises Catherine Cho, Rebecca Dearden, Claire Skinner, Adrian Slater and Alice Temple.

Catherine Cho (Head of Governance Support): 34054;
Catherine services the University Council and its ad hoc committees, and maintains a watching brief on work conducted to support other central committees. Her work on corporate governance incorporates the University’s Charter, Statutes and Ordinances and other constitutional arrangements (for faculties and schools, for example).

Rebecca Dearden (Head of Student Cases): 33626;
Rebecca manages the University's processes and procedures for student cases (including academic appeals, progression, academic malpractice, discipline and exceptional awards and circumstances) and for student complaints. She is also the secretary to the Committee on Applications, the University Special Cases Committee, the Committee on Student Discipline and the University Committee on Student Health and Conduct. 

Clare Skinner (Head of Research Governance and Integrity): 34897;
Clare manages the team which has responsibility for research ethical review policy and practice, research integrity and quality assurance of clinical research.

Adrian Slater (University Solicitor): 34078;
Adrian provides the University with in-house legal advice and manages the Legal Adviser’s Office. His specialisms – the detail of which can be found here – include contractual matters and international agreements, data protection, and any legal matters that are not litigation, employment or property-related.  (Please note that the Legal Adviser’s Office does not represent staff or students as individuals.)

Alice Temple (Head of Records Management and Information Governance): 37641;
Alice acts as the University’s Data Protection Officer, ensuring compliance with its data protection responsibilities as set out in the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.  She also manage the University’s response to its Freedom of Information obligations and is leading the development of an institution-wide approach to records management.


Although nominally grouped within teams, staff within the Secretariat work across team boundaries; and the list of members set out below is therefore alphabetical.

Laura Britten (Governance Officer):
Laura supports the work of the student cases team.

Maxine Brown (Insurance Officer): 36029;
Maxine handles all University insurance-related matters, including enquiries from students and staff.

Daksha Chavda (Secretarial support): 36705;
Daksha provides general clerical support, including practical arrangements for the Senate and the Health and Safety Committee. She also co-ordinates bookings for the Nathan Bodington Chamber (and ante-room) in the Parkinson Building.

Caroline Coulsey (Specialist in litigation): 33942;
Caroline is a solicitor. In addition to litigation and dispute resolution, Caroline also deals with the legal aspects of Health and Safety and any other contentious areas which do not involve real estate or employment. Further information can be found here.

Cheryl Cox (Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 33992;
Cheryl’s work covers the full range of student cases. She also has specific responsibility for academic appeals and services the Committee on Applications.

Tracey Crombie (Secretarial support): 34079;
Tracey supports the work of the legal team, including handling freedom of information queries.

Rachel De Souza (Research Ethics and Governance Administrator): 31642;
Rachel supports the work of the Research Governance and Integrity team.

Guy Dixon (Senior Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 31028;
Guy’s work covers student and staff cases, as well as contingency planning. He also services the University’s Court, the Senate and the University Executive Group.            

Katie Engel (Governance Officer):
Katie’s work covers the full range of student cases.

Jenny Foggin (Senior Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 31155;
Jenny handles student-related cases.

Georgina Hough (Research Ethics Assistant):
Georgina supports the work of the Research Governance and Integrity team.

Rebecca Messenger-Clark (Senior Governance and Corporate Affairs Officer): 37346;
Rebecca services the Committee on Honorary Degrees. She also provides support for data protection matters; co-ordinates the University’s responses to data subject access requests; and generates the University’s Almanac.

Anna Morrissey (Student Cases Officer):
Anna supports the work of the student cases team.

Helen Pickersgill (Office Manager): 34036;
As the longest-serving member of the Secretariat, Helen can help with most enquiries relating to its functions. She supports the practical arrangements for a number of central committees, including the Council, the Nominating and Governance Committee and the Committee on Honorary Degrees. Helen also administers elections to University committees; and circulates a number of formal notices, including obituary notices.

Rachel Prinn (Research Ethics Administrator):
Rachel supports the work of the Research Governance and Integrity team.

Kelly Simpson (Specialist in employment law): 34055;
Kelly is a solicitor. Information about her role in advising the University on employment-related policy, procedure and contractual matters, and handling associated legal disputes and claims, can be found here.

Helena Smith (Company Secretary): 36011;
Helena is company secretary for most of the University’s subsidiary and associated companies (further details can be found here).

Dawn Thompson (Secretarial support): 36012;
Although her primary role is to assist Helena with companies-related business, Dawn also provides advice on the University’s insurance arrangements (when Maxine Brown is absent – see above). 

Jean Uniacke (Faculty Ethics Administrator): 37587;
Jean supports the work of the Research Governance and Integrity team.

Alison Usher (Governance Officer): 31276;
Alison supports the work of the student cases team. She is a point of contact for information on all of the processes relating to student casework and associated committees.

Mark Warner (Solicitor): 34845;
Mark has practised as a solicitor in England and in Scotland and has specialised variously in litigation, dispute resolution, professional misconduct and negligence and university research contracts.  Mark now focusses principally on contracts and general commercial work for the University.

Chloe Wilkins (Freedom of Information Officer): 35541;
Chloe co-ordinates the University’s responses to Freedom of Information requests.


Updated: 11.8.2021 (HJP)