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Elections to University Committees

The Secretariat functions as the University's returning office for the election of representatives to its key committees.


Listed academic and academic-related members of staff, across all seven Faculties, are invited over the second term to nominate candidates for representatives to the Senate. The relevant ballot papers are then despatched as necessary.

The Secretariat is also responsible for the subsequent election of academic members to the Senate's subsidiary committees.

A timetable of relevant dates is published on For Staff.


The Secretariat similarly oversees the election of academic and support staff representatives to the Council, as well as the equivalent process for determining which elected members of Senate will also sit on the Council. These particular elections again take place according to a fixed timeframe, usually after the Easter vacation period.


In addition, the Secretariat administers the process of nominating representatives to committees which meet on a more ad-hoc basis.

For any further queries on electoral processes at the University, please contact Helen Pickersgill in the first instance (0113 343 4036).