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Mitigating circumstances guidance


We understand that students may be affected by illness and/or difficult and distressing events that are outside their control.  

Should such circumstances begin to affect a student’s ability to participate in studies, it is important that they let their school know as soon as possible. There is a great deal of support available across the University, and Schools will provide advice regarding who to contact and how.

If there are short term unanticipated circumstances that impact on assessment, applications may be made for mitigating circumstances to be considered by assessment boards.

The following Guidance on Applications for Mitigating Circumstances is part of the Code of Practice on Assessment published by Schools:

Students may apply to Schools for mitigating circumstances using the Mitigating Circumstances Form.

2020-2021 Note on Extensions and Evidence
The University has published a Note on Extensions and Evidence to take into consideration the current circumstances of all students during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This applies until further notice.


Further procedural advice in these areas can be obtained from the Student Cases team:



Last updated: 9.10.2020 (ARU)